Saturday, March 27, 2010

In Hell We Burn

Well guyz, embarrassing story but, i pretty much lost all of the tracks for this
story here:Had all the songs on my computer and then computer crashes but i am a rtard and never backed them up. I only have them on my Ipod and i don't want to try to transfer them back on my computer cause the last time i did that it deleted all of my songs.
I do have one song from the album that is safe on the interwebs though
you could listen to possessions chronicles on the myspace page
but the album was pretty shitty to begin with
and PC was probably the only "decent" song on the album
but oh well.


  1. greetings guy, I found your myspace by chance and liked the sound I saw that you had a BLOGSPOT, alas I decided to take a look then I thought his stuff to download so I put on my blog to help with publicity, I hope that does not have a problem! of a look at my blog!

  2. Its all good
    glad you found my stuff to be worth something on your blogspot