Sunday, July 3, 2016

...five years later?...

Well....I have many shits of sorts finished, but I have them all on different devices and I am unsure what to do with it. Somethings were recorded well over five years ago and some were recorded recently and its all quiet different from what I originally started with. Also, as time gets away from me, I find that I'm taking an "Ildjarn" approach of thinking, that maybe I'll produce a last album of all the things I had previously recorded. I'm not really sure, ever since I went to college and studied music my tastes and compositional style had expanded. So after I graduated, I started feeling that this "project" is not what I had intended to be anymore because I have "grown" in someways. I doubt anyone is going to read this considering my last album was in 2010 (I think?) or the fact that I stopped giving a shit about doing stupid things for shameless self promotion.  


If you really are reading this and want to listen to something just contact me at:

until next time?

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